1005248_527482747301460_570836600_n T1102413_527481430634925_109382958_ohe congress is open to your children and teenagers. Parallel to congress activities, children can participate with their parents in activities and games designed to convey the spirit of union, connectivity and collaboration.

Experienced educators with a lot of experience in the field of integral education will take care of them, and this will allow children / teenagers and parents to experience an unforgettable experience.

Children under the age of 12 will remain under the responsibility and surveillance of their parents. Babies parents will have a space where they will be able to listen the lessons while they will take cure their child .

NOTE: FOR LEGAL AND INSURED MATTERS, PARENT’S HAS RESPONSABILITY TO HAVE TO BE CARE OF THE RESPECTIVE CHILDREN IN THE CONGRESS. For the participation of children under 18 years old, it’s necessary to signate a consent form. Download and sign the consent form and take it to the congress: CONSENT FORM


Participation in adult congress activities is only possible from the age of 18. Teenegers from 12 to 17 years old can’t partecipate to congress activity, but it will be some free activity.. During meals, however, a children’s / children’s table will be reserved to give them the opportunity to share this precious moment.